Sunday, April 28, 2013

Module 6 Picture Books


by Shutta Crum and illustrated by Carol Thompson 


In the summer heat a family wishes for a rain storm to cool them off as they relax by the pond.  The storm arrives and they rush indoors and protect the animals as well.  The family chicken is anxious to get back outside.  She leads the family to a new furry member of the family. 

Bibliographic Citation

Crum S. (2009). Thunder-Boomer!. New York: Clarion Books.

My Impressions of the Book

Thunder-Boomer is playful. Crum joins the family together in the fast paced dash to secure everything on the farm.  The story is exciting from the first page to the end.  Thompson’s graphics reflect the urgency of the storm, but allow for funny moments and detail character emotion well.  If only all storms could be this much fun.  It makes for a fun family storytime on any thunder struck night.


A farm family is sweltering, hoping for "a thunder-boomer" to relieve the heat. Thompson's illustrations, done in pastels, ink, and watercolor, are full of motion and capture the sensations of the gathering clouds, the rain coming down, the intensity of the storm, and the feeling of cold wetness on the characters. The free-verse storytelling is light, airy, and perfectly matched to the drawings. Readers will enjoy the pictures of the family scurrying home as well as the one of Dad running outside to rescue a stray chicken from the downpour. The ending fully satisfies, as the children discover a wet kitten after the storm and appropriately name it Thunder-Boomer.-Adrienne Wilson, Edith Wheeler Memorial Library, Monroe, CT

Wilson, A. (2009, June 1). Thunder-Boomer! [Review of the book Thunder-Boomer! by S. Crum]. School Library Journal, 80.

Ideas for Library Use

Thunder-Boomer! would make a fun addition to an all about the weather storytime.

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